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What is the role of argumentation in decision making?

Another conception of decision making is argumentation. That is, when people make choices when they lack information about probabilities and and outcomes, they tend to generate arguments that allow them to resolve the conflict. This situation seems challenging process when they do not familiarize to this condition. This is why the skill of making decision should be trained effectively in the school through learning processes both in science and social studies.

One of the more prominent models of explanation-based decision making that uses argumentation is the certain model called Domino model. This, which was tested with medical decisions, provides a framework for understanding the context in which decisions are made, including the motivations for making decision and the fundamental form of reasoning. Decision makers use a form of argumentation rather than calculating expected values. Constructing arguments requires knowledge of options, unlike expected value method. In order to make decisions, people generate arguments for against each option on the basis of their knowledge of the world and combine those arguments to reach a decision. Making a decision then is a process of supporting or rejecting alternative claims or decisions. According to their model, the researchers describe arguments based-decision making process a series of mental activities. First, the decision maker identifies claims. Then people make any number of arguments for and against alternative claims, drawing on different theories. Each theory is supported by different form of evidence. In order to make decision, people can assess arguments for and against each claim. 

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