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Don't be afraid with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Life in the modern era, all people are exposed by technological influences. Sometimes, as human having different emotions to changes in the life, the high exposures of technological devices have driven alteration of the way human lives. People themselves are afraid that the domination of the machines will hack human life. The human is trapped to follow what the machines recommend the best thing for their life. One of the them is an emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI)-Chat GPT just shows one phenomenon in which people can interact intensely to find the solution for all problems they have. For instance, a researcher in science education aims to investigate a record of previous research related to the "emotion" in science education. She/he could interact with the AI with making a command "record some research of emotion in science education". Then the machine will do this order to create a detailed record of this. This just depicts how the machines work efficiently instead of the human. In my opinion, the fundamental importance of the AI just help people in all over the world. In this article, I just point out that the human can work together with the machines having excellent artificial intelligence; don't be afraid with emergence of  AI may change human job but when people follow and adapt technological development, there will emerge other jobs that people never think before.

Anticipate any changes in digitalized era

The negative feelings to emergence of AI as part of the development of technology are ordinary state. Do not stop at this feelings, as human given intellectual capacity, it is better that the human should optimize the inherent capital by enhancing its creativity. It is not easy to become creative person but this state can be trained overtime. This situation points out that the responses of the human to their environment or situation where they live is truly essential. When the human can adapt at any changes in the world, they will be a creature that can continue to develop in the context of intellectual capacity. For instance, the emergence of AI in the context of the architecture or graphics design can shift the experts in these fields to be more creative. It is known that AI can collect all data through internet at least to 2022. They can provide a reference for any people that ask about specific architecture or graphics design. However, when the expert of these fields ask AI to create a recommendation of the specific architecture, they can investigate all weaknesses made by AI and they make a comprehensiveness of this design. This just shows how human adapts to technological development in the life.

Sharpen notion by continually learning

When the people feel the machine can beat them at any situation, this feeling shows that human gave up to learn. The key element to fight domination of the machine is ability to have new notion in any issues. We cannot hope to have new notion at any issues when our selves are not familiarized to think critically. Therefore, the training of this thinking skill should be positioned as daily intake for all people at any ages. The strategy to improve critical thinking is to engage or involve people in early ages. This highlights the way people learn something being crucial part in overcoming invasion of the machine through its all recommendation. This situation drive prominent implications to all educators at any level of education. The change of goal of the learning should be altered to prepare all issues that will emerge in the future. This is one of the real problems in education that never be solved comprehensively.

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