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Do we really need argumentation skills to solve problems?

In this article, I try to explain briefly why we need argumentation skill to solve problems. In daily issues, sometimes we face some controversial issues that need specific explanation to be conveyed to the others. The role of the argumentation here to create scientific arguments supported some scientific evidence. Although the research in the argumentation skills is still growing overtime, sometimes there were some misinformation related to argumentation itself. Therefore, I try to elaborate the importance of this in the context of the science learning as I have a great interest in this field. I divided this article into two sections. Firstly, I make a critical resume why we should learn the argumentation and secondly, I create an explanation how argumentation affects problem solving. Before I make an explanation, I here cite some explanation of the argument as Deanna Kuhn, a researcher from teacher college Columbia University, has argued.

It is in argument that we are likely to find the most significant way in which higher order thinking and reasoning figure in the lives of most people. Thinking as argument is implicated in all the beliefs people hold, the judgements they make, and the conclusions the come to, it arises in the time a significant decision must be made. Hence, argumentative thinking lies at the heart of the what we should be concerned about how, and how well, and people think (Kuhn, 1992).

Why we learn to argue: In the misinformation era, the epistemic practice related to argumentation is an essential key to filter huge of the information current. We can ask to our selves does this information is true or not; if it is true what are the scientific evidence and reasoning that support this? This question can be directed to our self in filtering the information.

When we look the citation that I presented in above, we can argue that argumentation is the means by which we rationally resolve question, issues, and solve problems.

...to be continued

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